A Peek Inside Jade Systems….this is how we do it!


If you’re wondering how outsourcing your back office can make financial sense for you, it’s because at Jade, we focus on one thing – delivering back office solutions. We don’t need to worry about manufacturing schedules, shipping times or other concerns of our clients because we only focus on that one area. To help our team and clients work effectively, efficiently and successfully together, we believe in optimizing workflows for the best possible outcomes.

To achieve that goal, we use the latest technology to help make bookkeeping and business finances simple and easy to track. We use a number of software packages and services that help us optimize that workstream, including a wide variety of accounting software packages. But what about tracking paperwork, statements, receipts or invoices? By incorporating document tracking and storage systems we can streamline the interaction between many different formats.

These systems allow us to centralize your business operations within our proven process, letting us build amazing levels of efficiency into our workstreams. By using a combination of mobile apps, email address document routing and direct website upload, documents can be streamlined from any number of devices or locations to dramatically boost efficiency. From receipts, invoices or correspondence, all your business paperwork is stored in a convenient, secure location. Think of this as your virtual filing cabinet.

In addition to keeping all your documentation in one spot, our systems also pull new documents and transactions as they become available from your vendors and financial institutions, creating further efficiencies.

At Jade, we’ve found these systems are perfect for collaboration with our clients. We use reputable software and cloud storage, which also helps protect against computer failures or lost data.

When it comes to organization, our system automatically files new documents into virtual accounts and folders making your online accounting file virtually audit-proof. The documents are searchable, making it easy to find that missing invoice or the receipt you need for warranty service. These software systems provide exceptional security, using a variety of high-level security features, bank-level encryption and data security standards.

Our back-office systems ensure you can focus on the results you need instead of paperwork or bookkeeping while we provide the flexibility you need in the back office operations. Contact us for more details on how we can help optimize your office operations so you can focus on making your business a success.

Hear it from our clients.

"I have worked with Jennifer [and Jade] for 15 years now and have referred my own clients to her with great satisfaction and confidence. Jennifer is committed to the success of the companies that she works with.”

Patrick Canham Partner
Canham Rogers Chartered Accountants

"Smart, savvy, determined and detailed are just some of the qualities to describe Jennifer. She has a wealth of knowledge across various industries. Jennifer’s upbeat personality makes her very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her as I know she will get the job done right.”

Leslie Hughes

"Jennifer has proven her value in Jade over the years by executing and providing results on a timely basis, consistently and with reliability.
Jade has proven they can meet our changing needs each and every time and their adaptability was key.”

Associate Director
Int’l Financial Inst.

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